FFF supports Scholars by helping to provide opportunities to excel in life and contribute back to their family members and the communities in which they live. Supporting, mentoring and guiding young rising stars are all the ways the FFF is contributing to a brighter tomorrow. Through each Scholar’s dedication, contributions and talents, the FFF believes that every Scholar’s loved ones, neighbors and peers will be impacted in immeasurable and positive ways. The FFF is honored to play a small part in seeing each and every one of the Scholars turn their hopes and dreams into reality. As Senator Paul Wellstone said, “We all do better, when we all do better.”

Flaherty Scholars not only achieve great success academically, they are mentored and guided by an entire community, including the FFF staff, alumni, partner schools/organizations, volunteers and board of directors. The FFF is dedicated to each of their scholar’s success and go above and beyond to ensure they become well rounded, confident, and valuable citizens of the world. And while there is a network supporting the Scholars, the Foundation works to empower the Scholars to understand that it is in their best interest to take advantage of the support and opportunities.  The more a Scholar puts into the Flaherty Community, the more they will benefit from it. In the end, it is their education, their responsibility and their future.

FFF supports Scholars beyond financial assistance by guiding them to:

  • Accept Responsibility: Mentor them in understanding that they are primarily responsible for their outcomes and experiences.
  • Have Self-Awareness: Teach them to consciously think, believe, and behave in ways that keep them on course.
  • Believe in Life-Long Learning: Remind them to look for lessons in all of their experiences.
  • Have High EQ’s (Emotional Intelligence): Help them to accept their emotions and have empathy for others.
  • Believe in Themselves: Show them that they are capable, lovable, and unconditionally worthy human beings.
  • Become Interdependent: Guide them to build mutually supportive relationships that help them achieve their goals and dreams while helping others do the same.
  • Be Self-Motivated: Help them find purpose in what they do by discovering personally meaningful goals and dreams.
  • Master Self-Management: Support them in planning and taking action in pursuit of their goals and dreams.