The Flaherty Family Foundation supports high potential scholars who have the capacity for enrollment into college prep high schools but need economic assistance by way of scholarships. Along with the financial aspect, the FFF supports Scholars with the coaching and mentoring necessary to achieve academic success, college and career readiness, as well as personal development.

The mission and vision of the FFF is only possible because of their collaborative and committed partner high schools. The Foundation works closely with partner schools to identify scholars who meet the qualifications. Students and families that meet the below criteria will be INVITED to apply.  Applications are submitted directly to the Flaherty Family Foundation.

To learn more about the FFF partner schools, click here.

Application Criteria:

  • Minimum of a 3.5 grade point average (~85%) in 7th/8th grade core subjects of math, science, English and Social Studies
  • Demonstrated grit/perseverance and commitment to their academic success and their future
  • Positively contributing to their communities and demonstrate positive character traits
  • Committed to excellence in all that they do
  • Completed application for admissions to one of the partner schools. (see below)
  • Financial need as determined and verified by on-time completion of financial aid application (TADS, SSS, FACTS, etc.)
  • Completed application (and release of information) will be reviewed by the FFF. Qualified applicants and their parents/guardians will be invited to interview.

As a Flaherty Scholar you will have access to and/or will be required to attend the following opportunities offered by the FFF:

  • Orientation/Retreat for all Flaherty Scholars (required)
  • School based fall and spring breakfast/lunch where you will meet and build community with your Flaherty Friends at your high school (required)
  • First Quarter check-ins where your assigned FFF staff member will be on campus to meet with you one-on-one to evaluate your academic achievements (required)
  • Career Exploration Workshops for 9th grade Scholars (required)
  • Access to the FFF Summer Enrichment Opportunity Grants which provides additional funding for scholars to participate in summer activities in which they can grow physically, mentally, spiritually, culturally, musically and/or develop their leadership skills or further hone their interest in a specific career/field of study. (encouraged)
  • Various college visits (encouraged)
  • Additional support/coaching regarding a post-secondary plan. For most, but not all, this will focus on the college selection, application, admissions, enrollment and funding process (based on individual student circumstances). There will be an emphasis on how to earn a college degree with the least amount of debt.
  • Attendance at the Flaherty Scholar Spring Celebration where all 250 Flaherty Scholars/Families in the region come together to celebrate and honor graduating Flaherty Scholars. (required)

The scholarship is renewable all four years if the Scholar/Family meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of the above required events
  • Maintain a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average and strive to meet your personal academic goals. This includes but is not limited to on time completion of all assigned school work.
  • Positively contribute to your communities, specifically your school community (No code of conduct violations) demonstrating a give back attitude and actions
  • Committed to excellence in all that they do
  • Responsive communication with the FFF staff
  • Communicates success/achievement with FFF and asks for support when presented with challenges
  • Writes an annual end of year reflection/gratitude letter to Mr. Flaherty
  • Family supports and encourages Scholar participation in all FFF opportunities/programming
  • Family communicates to FFF any circumstances that may impact the Scholar’s ability to succeed
  • Family is making sacrifices, financial and other, because they value the high-quality educational opportunity that their child is receiving
  • On-time completion of the financial aid application (TADS, FACTS, SSS) and demonstrated financial need
  • Current on all tuition payments to the school

When a scholar calls to accept their scholarship, the last thing they hear from the FFF team is, “We are investing in YOU because we BELIEVE in YOU and we expect GREATNESS from YOU.” The FFF provides a lot to scholars/families and in return, expects a lot. This is a conditional scholarship and not every student is ready to be a Flaherty Scholar. If a Scholar chooses not to meet the above criteria, they choose to lose their scholarship. The FFF reserves the right to revoke a scholarship at any time.